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If you're looking for someone to speak:

- at your Science or Literature Festival

- as a motivational speaker

- after dinner

- as a key note

- or at your school or students event

​or, to host your Awards Ceremony

Please get in touch with my agent for my fee and availability: Jo Wander at

I've spoken to tens of thousands of children, adults and mixed audiences at hundreds of events all around the world!
Some of the topics I can cover are:

Why we should all break our stuff!

The importance of  understanding the small and fundamental innovations that surround us.

(based on NUTS & BOLTS)

How to build a Skycraper /

Of Pee and Poo /

Three bridges that changed my life

Lively presentations that include demonstrations of engineering ideas

(Based on BUILT and How Was That Built?)

Five Moments that Defined Me

Motivational talk about my life and career

Working as a marginalised person / making our workplaces more inclusive

Please do contact me or my agent if there are other topics you'd like to discuss, these are only a few examples!

“Thank you so very much for such an honest and insightful talk today – it was great to see so many excellent questions at the end as well. We had a really fantastic attendance so are super happy!


Especially because the topics you covered were so important and will have really resonated with so many people across the firm, so truly, thanks so much."

Keynote feedback

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