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Mega Badass Engineer.

Author. Broadcaster.​

I'm Roma Agrawal MBE, a structural engineer, author and broadcaster, with a physics degree. I've always loved science and design and found engineering to be a great combination between the two.

I've written three books (so far!) about engineering, which are for anyone interested in the world around them. 

I've presented documentaries, TEDx talks, and have been featured extensively in the media, and am a motivational speaker.

I want to inspire everyone, from all different backgrounds, to explore the world around them, to be curious, and maybe, discover the exciting world of engineering and science careers along the way.

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My books



Nuts & Bolts 

Seven Small Inventions that Changed the World (in a Big Way)


North America

Nuts & Bolts 

Seven Small Inventions that Changed the World (in a Big Way)


The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures


How Was That Built?
The Stories Behind Awesome Structures

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