NUTS & BOLTS - Seven Small Inventions that Changed the World (in a Big Way)

Hodder will publish Nuts and Bolts: Seven Small Inventions That Changed the World (In a Big Way) by Roma Agrawal in spring 2023

Non-fiction publisher Kirty Topiwala acquired world rights from Patrick Walsh at PEW Literary in an exclusive submission. 

Agrawal is an engineer who is known for her work designing The Shard. In Nuts and Bolts, she will explore seven building-blocks of engineering that have come to underpin the world: the nail, spring, wheel, lens, magnet, string and pump. Agrawal will also explore how these inventions led to more intricate technologies, from dishwashers to spacesuits to breast pumps. In addition, the book will tell the stories of scientists and engineers from all over the world. 

Topiwala said: "I’ve learnt so much from working with Roma – she has an infectious passion for her subject and a knack for conveying complex ideas with no nonsense. Part history of innovation, part celebration of engineering, this book shows just how creative and exciting the discipline is. It will make readers look at their human-made surroundings with completely fresh eyes."

Agrawal commented: "I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing Nuts and Bolts with Kirty and her colleagues at Hodder, it’s a great team – we’ve nailed it! My first book focused on large structures, but now, I’m so excited to explore the stories of these tiny wonders of engineering and the fascinating ways they enabled more complex technology and lasting societal change."

Bloomsbury published Agrawal's debut Built: The Hidden Stories behind Our Structures in 2018.

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